This page has been produced exclusively for educational purposes and for a better understanding of cryptographic algorithms. Here are some libraries regarding encryption in JavaScript.

Why is it important to cryptography in JavaScript?

Schemes and protocols – a minimal host-proof cryptographic textpad. The client-side code is up on github.

Pidder, Clipperz and Passpack are online password managers (and more). They have all released their code (links below). Clipperz also has a community edition of their website, Passpack has a sample application and Pidder just a crypto library.

AjaxPatterns: Host-Proof Hosting

Secure Ajax: SRP Hermetic (based on the Secure Remote Password protocol.)

BeamAuth: Two-Factor Web Authentication with a Bookmark

WebIBC (PDF), Identity Based Cryptography for Client Side Security in Web Applications.

Mozilla exposes a window.crypto object. Services are provided to enable: smart card events, generating certificate requests, importing user certs, generating random numbers, logging out of your tokens, and signing text.

Here's a set of AES test vectors: test vectors




Chrome Extensions:

Browsers support

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